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How To Start Improving &
Reach Your Dream Rank In
CSGO in 30-60 Days

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The RankRush Course

We've put everything you need to reach your dream rank all in one place!

Put your trust in this online course and you'll have the complete roadmap to reach your dream rank all in one place.

You'll avoid the mistakes that beginners make (you'll reach a similar rank to us, probably 2 whole years faster!)

You'll get every training routine you need, all of the vital education and motivation and wisdom all in one place.

You'll save hundreds of hours from not needing to watch countless YouTube videos anymore - Spend that free time doing extra aim training!

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The RankRush Course ®

  • Re-program Your CSGO Skills

  • Discover Your Playstyle

  • Identify Your Weaknesses

  • Create A Powerful Solutuion

  • Implement & Train It Succesfully

  • Reach Your Dream Rank

What You're Going To Get:

The RankRush Course is ALL you need to reach your dream rank!


You're going to get instant access to an entire 5+ hour video course that will practically reach your dream body for you (Worth $300)


Video Course Modules:

1. Global Elite Mindset 101 (6 videos)

2. Magic Mechanics (6 videos)

3. Economy Essentials (3 videos)

4. Utility Training (15 videos)

5. Game Sense Knowledge (4 videos)

6. Demo Reviewing (3 videos)

7. Course Conclution (4 videos)

8. [Extra] Communication Guide ( 3 videos)


You will no longer need to watch confusing videos on YouTube.

You're going to have just one place where you get all of your knowledge from - giving you a straightforward roadmap to

reaching your dream rank!

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"Very good, learned more than playing for 400 hours. Ive already watched some of the videos more than 2-3 times and i still learn and hear new things." 

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"After buying the course i dont regret it at all. I'm already experienced with cs but this course went through alot of stuff that I didn't think about and totally helped me as a player."

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"I've learned a lot even as a player with 1000hrs. I thought I hit my skill cap and was kind of frustrated with myself.

Thanks to rankrush i got way better."

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"This is the best possible way to learn the game. Not only how to play it but the game itself. Got way more than what I payed for IMO."

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"It wasn't for me, I didn't have time to do the course. but i got the refund fast, one email and that was it, good service."

Field-Tested And Proven Results

Does RankRush work? There's only one way to find out, by seeing our
students results, and if they actually succeeded in the real world. Here's what they had to say:

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You'll get all these bonuses AND lifetime access to the course + all materials


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Secure Your Order For Just 7.99€

30 Days money-back guarantee - no hassle. Just get in touch with us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


You have nothing to worry about. If you don't find the course useful, you simply email us and we'll process your refund.

About The Course Instructors
Team RankRush - (Jugi & Lenni)

If there's one thing that'll strike you about Jugi & Lenni, it's that
they are able to go incredibly in-depth to give their students more
than just the basics.

They don't just teach you about aiming or practicing, they
teach you about the exact methods you need to use in your
games to stay consistent.

They help you overcome your lizard brain. There is nothing
more important than that.


Jugi & Lenni's CSGO journey began in 2015 and they remained
consistent even through the most demanding periods of their lives,
something we should all strive for.


Masters of discipline and veterans of CSGO,
Jugi & Lenni have achieved the 'Silver to Global' transformation
that all CSGO players aspire for.

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Get The RankRush Course Now

30 Days money-back guarantee - no hassle. Just e-mail us.

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