Free 60 Minute Consultation

Actionable Advice From Players With Experience.

This free 60-minute consultation is designed to teach you step-by-step
how to: Stop struggling, start dominating and then
 develop a good routine - based on your current exact situation - to reach your dream rank in CSGO.


If you have a growth mindset and want to learn from players who speak with genuine experience + understands what it's like to not be born super good or talented... book in a free 60 min consultation today :)

So, what's this call all about?

The 5 biggest
things we can teach
you in the 60

✔️How To Re-program Your CSGO Skills 

✔️Identify Your Weaknesses 

✔️Help You Create A Powerful Solution 

✔️How To Implement & Train It Successfully

✔️Practical Advice for Reaching Your Dream Rank


What do you mean by "Re-programming your CSGO skills"?


Characteristics of a "reprogrammed player"

✔️ Knows their strengths and weaknesses

✔️ Isn't afraid of failure 

✔️ Shows respect to their teammates

✔️ Improves constantly

✔️ Always has fun

Why do we focus on "re-programming" your skills?

Re-programming your skills long-term

✔️ Requires effort but is incredibly rewarding & fullfilling.

✔️ Allows you to connect with yourself as a player.

✔️ It reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

✔️ Leads to better plays and more fun in-game. 

✔️ It will decrease the time it will take to reach your dream rank

Just playing the game

Stuck not knowing what you're doing wrong

Increases your chances of anxiety, regret, and depression

Just plays never learns

"my top rank in cs after 1000 hours was mg1"

Never learn the true potential of your skills

Will we try to pitch you on our coaching?

Nope, we won't say anything about our mentorship unless you ask us to.
All we ask from you is feedback, in the form of a testimonial.


You should book a call if...

✔️ You've struggled with ranking up in CSGO.

✔️ You're tired of not knowing why you aren't improving.

✔️ You're looking to re-program your skills.

✔️ You're dedicated to learning, improving & ranking up. 

Do not book a call if...

❌ You're looking for a magic pill. 

You think it's going to be easy.

You think getting Global is nerdy.

You're not ready to get serious about improving in CSGO.

Are we Global Elite?

Compressed files (5).png

Yes, our team is blessed with being both Global Elite and Faceit rank 10

How many consultations will we give away?

Good question - we're going to be capping this at 100.

Although we want to help as many players as possible, even we have limits.

We can't always be giving this stuff away for free.

As such, we're limiting the number of free consultations - so we can give each

person, ample support and attention needed to help them succeed.

What benefits do we receive from giving this away?

1. Either a text or video testimonial from you that we can use in our marketing

2. Experience helping more people

3. Positive karma