Terms of reflective results

Q: Will the course make me Global Elite in CSGO?

A: Of course, we cannot 100% guarantee automated reflective results of the majority of our customers. Ranking up in CSGO always takes your own time and effort. We can however safely guarantee that we sell one of, if not THE MOST COMPLETE CSGO COURSE OUT THERE. And it surely will HELP YOU get to the rank Global Elite in CSGO. 


Q: What does your service cost?

A: We do not have a set price, it varies. we do not charge anything upfront at first
We believe in: Get help first, pay later.

When we take on students, you get 100% free training just by signing up, and if you are interested in more after that free training, you will be able to join our community. 

Payment & Security

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept most Debit&Credit cards-

Q: What if I do not like a course - can I get a refund?
A: For any CSGO COURSE that was unsatisfactory, simply e-mail our receptionist in customer service at within 30 days of the date you receive the service.

In the e-mail, describe your mail as following: 

[SUBJECT]: Refund - (username/e-mail)

  1. Include the original receipt

  2. Your registered username and/or e-mail. 

  3. Reason for refunding

Note: If you refund your service, you will lose access to it.

Note 2: Our refund policy is results-based, if you've followed our Terms of reflective results (see above) and still haven't improved, we will refund you no questions asked. 

Q: What will you do with my registration information?
A: Please review our Privacy Policy.

Q: How is my online payment processed? Is it secure?
A: Your payment information will be routed, processed, and secured by Stripe. For more information about Stripe, please click here.

Do you offer Affiliate Marketing?

A: No, not currently.